Trieste, Italie, 6 - 8 novembre 2006

Conférence Partage du Savoir en Méditerranée (3)

Conférence Partage du Savoir en Méditerranée (3) organisée par l’AFAS et accueillie par l’Institut Abdus Salam de l’ICTP.

Following “WorldMed” , co-organized in 2002 with the “Club de Marseille , AFAS and IN2P3 have initiated in 2004 a series of annual “Sharing Knowledge” meetings. After Geneva in May 2004 (50th anniversary of CERN), the second session was held in September 2005 in Casablanca and the third will have the privilege of being hosted by the prestigious Abdus Salam Institute in Trieste. These meetings are limited to a maximum of 200 attendants so as to allow an active participation of the audience. Invitations will be directed not only to senior scientists and decision makers but also to younger scientists from Southern countries, including those presently training in Europe or the United States. Emphasis this year will be on the necessity for researchers of the North and of the South to work together to respond to threats which are global in nature (such as emerging illnesses or climate change) but also on measures aiming at a sustainable development for our planet (managing water and energy, or the agricultural revolution.) For this to happen an intensive communication between researchers is mandatory, be it through the Internet or by international mobility of individuals. The development of International research centers is a growing trend of research and will apply both to North South and to regional South-South partnerships.

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